Poultice Steri-Protect

Poultice Steri-Protect

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The Steri-Protect dressing is an economical, all-purpose poultice dressing that contains no active ingredient. Steri-Protect is made from
highly absorbent cotton
with one polythene waterproof side. This side is used away from the skin. 

Steri-Protect is ideal for the treatment of inflamation, septic poisoning, skin disorders and antiseptic treatment of open wounds. The integral, waterproof backing layer helps to retain heat and moisture. Steri-Protect is easy and convenient to use, reducing the chance of damage to the wound on removal. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply to affected area and cover with bandage. Renew every 12 hours for optimum healing.

Steri-Protect can be used with any appropriate antibiotic or remedy, wet or dry, in hot or cold water.

Individual sterile pack. 

SIZE: 20cm x 40cm each.